Zoe Saldana Is Engaged!

  Zoe Saldana Is Engaged!

ALTThe good people Star Magazine (who are noticeably on their game this week!) are reporting Zoe Saldana is engaged to boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton. Britton, an actor and CEO of My Fashion Database, was probably tired of Zoe introducing him to people as just “Keith,” rather than for what he really is — which seems to be her “life partner.”

No word on where or when the wedding will be, since Saldana hasn’t even started planning it yet. A source says “she hasn’t stopped working to plan anything.” So could we possibly get the Vegas-style “aw, f**k it wedding” we were expecting from Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green?

So if Saldana will continue to not say anything about her wedding or her fiance, what does she spend her time talking about? Oh, that’s right! She and Cameron Diaz (who’s also been quite vocal on the subject) are sharing a room on the “let’s talk about sex!” train. Saldana told Essence magazine last March, she “[loves] sex. I Love it, love it, love it…Can’t live without it…I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide.”

But neither is marriage, Zoe! It’s not an outbreak of scurvy!