Blake ‘Asked for Advice on How To Kill Wife’

A retired policeman says actor Robert Blake asked him for advice on how
to kidnap or kill his wife on several occasions, a Los Angeles court heard
last Thursday.

Former homicide detective William Welch said Blake wanted to know the best
way to murder his wife of six months, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

Welch said Blake, who first contacted him in 1999, was angry Bakley had
become pregnant although he later decided to raise their baby daughter. Welch told the murder trial, “He told me he met a girl at a jazz club, they had a one-night stand and she got pregnant.”

The ex-policeman, who retired in 1985, said he recommended Blake offer Bakley
some money to get out of his life but that Blake said he’d already tried that.

Welch said Blake then said, “I’ve thought about it. We’ll hire a doctor to
(perform an abortion) and if that doesn’t work, we’re going to whack her.”

Welch said he advised Blake not to hurt Bakley, but did suggest he could have
her arrested for violating her parole. Bakley was under house arrest at the
time following a credit card conviction.

Blake stands accused of killing his wife outside Vitello’s restaurant in
Studio City, Los Angeles, in 2001.

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