Brandon Flowers: ‘Why is Mormonism such a big mystery?’

The Killers star Brandon Flowers can’t believe his Mormon faith is still a big mystery to Christians.
The Human singer is often asked about his faith and admits he’s often puzzled by the “weird mystery around it”.
“With Christianity, you have 2,000 years of separation from when the events took place and these supposed miracles,” he tells Rolling Stone. “We don’t have that much separation from (Mormon leader) Joseph Smith in the 1800s and the other events that we believe took place, so it’s a lot easier to home in on it.”
And Flowers suggests those still confused about Mormonism should take a closer look at the Bible.
“People that knew Moses didn’t keep journals, but we actually have that information,” he smiles.
Joseph Smith founded the religious movement in New York in the 1820s and taught the faith in the 1840s. After he died in 1844, many Mormons followed Brigham Young to the area that became the Utah Territory, calling themselves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.