Careful diet helps Ciara keep off the 20 pounds she lost at the start of her career

Pop star Ciara has dropped 20 pounds since the start of her career after adopting strict eating habits over 15 years.
The Level Up singer has worked with her personal trainer, Decker Davis, since the launch of her stardom in 2004, and he encouraged her to eat five small meals a day and exercise four days per week to secure her toned figure.
“When I first started in my career, I weighed 20 pounds (nine kilograms) more than I weigh now,” she tells People. “That was the first time I got introduced to eating five small meals a day to impact my workout.
“When you’re eating small meals, your body starts to function like a well-oiled machine. You’re using the restroom regularly, so your body is really on clock.”
Ciara also credits her commitment to maintaining a strong physique to “intense” and competitive joint workouts with her American football player husband Russell Wilson.
“It’s… what I like to call ‘good love competition’,” she laughs. “We motivate each other and it’s really fun.”