Charlize Theron loves her ‘date nights’ with The Bachelor


Charlize Theron keeps her Monday evenings clear so she can have “a date” with TV show The Bachelor.

The Oscar-winning actress is currently promoting her new comedy Gringo, in which she plays the tough boss of a drug company.

Charlize made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night (08Mar18) to chat about the film but quickly got sidetracked by a discussion about the dating programme.

“I basically feel like I am dating The Bachelor, like, the show,” she explained. “On Monday nights, because my kids can’t read a clock yet, I get them to bed at like 5:45 and then I open a bottle of wine, take a bath, I get all ready and that’s my date night. I date the show.”

Host James then asked the star whether she was interested in appearing as a contestant, or dating any of the stars, especially as actress January Jones is rumored to be dating former Bachelor star Nick Viall.

However, Charlize clarified that she won’t be receiving any red roses onscreen in the future.
“No, I don’t want to be on the show. I just want to watch,” the 42-year-old shared.

During the interview, Charlize was joined by her Gringo co-stars David Oyelowo and Joel Edgerton. And she explained that she was initially worried over whether classically trained David had the comedy chops to pull off the role, but was pleasantly surprised by his humor when they first before filming started in Mexico.

“We were in a restaurant and he started telling a story. I kept saying, ‘You have to stop,’ and he wouldn’t stop,” she recalled. “He kept going with the story until I actually urinated myself. Not drizzle, I had to go back to the hotel, that’s how hard he made me laugh.”

At first, David wondered where his colleague had disappeared to but figured it out when he “looked at the chair”.

“Urination much recommended for friendship,” the actor added.