David Arquette paints to relieve stress

Actor David Arquette has taken up painting as a pastime and plans to teach sick kids all about his top stress reliever.
The Scream star enrolled in a three-week art course to learn about the oil technique popularised by TV artist and instructor Bob Ross, and now he wants to use his new talents to spread joy among hospitalised children as part of his community work with the Art of Elysium charity.
“I love painting,” he tells journalist Allison Kugel. “I took a Bob Ross instructional course, so I can teach people how to paint in the Bob Ross, wet-on-wet technique…”
“I work with an organisation called Art of Elysium, that’s really great. We’re gonna go to hospitals and teach kids how to paint some ‘happy trees’,” the father-of-three adds, referencing one of Ross’ signature phrases. “Painting is such a great stress reliever and calms my soul.”
When David’s not mastering the wet-on-wet painting technique, he’s focused on promoting his new documentary, Survivor’s Guide to Prison, which he produced with his wife, Christina.
The film, directed by Oscar nominee Matthew Cooke, highlights the need for prison reform in the U.S. and boasts Susan Sarandon, Adrian Grenier, and Grey’s Anatomy star and social activist Jesse Williams among its co-producers. It’s set for release later this month (Feb18).