David Harewood narrowly avoided Achilles injury after skateboarding accident


Homeland actor David Harewood was forced to use a walking stick after nearly rupturing his Achilles tendon while skateboarding.

The British star loves staying active, but has been laid up recently after suffering a severe injury while out on his electric board.

“Three months ago I came off my electric skateboard and very nearly ruptured my Achilles tendon,” the 52-year-old told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. “I had to use a walking stick for a couple of days.”
He says the main ailment he feels now is “age”, and in a new bid to get healthy, David is attempting to go vegan.

“Doing so much TV for the past six years I’m more conscious of my weight,” he explained. “I’m trying to consume less sugar, less salt and drink more water. If I don’t do that I can see very quickly that I’ve been on the pies. I’m getting better. I’d like to introduce some veganism into my regime.”

David also takes statin drugs to help his heart, but says that in his 50s he’s “fitter than ever” thanks to his role as hero J’onn J’onzz in U.S. TV series Supergirl.

The star is also set to make his mental health battles public in a new BBC TV documentary that will detail the struggles he had in his 20s after suffering a breakdown that resulted in him being sectioned under Britain’s Mental Health Act.

Talking about the upcoming show, a spokesperson for the U.K. broadcaster said: “In this deeply personal and immersive film, David will retrace his steps to key locations from his breakdown and meet the people who witnessed his spiralling decline and ultimate sectioning – his best friends, his family, his casting agent. Many of whom he hasn’t spoken to about his experiences since his recovery.”
The documentary, David Harewood: Psychosis And Me, will air on BBC Two later this year (18).