Downey Jr.’s Day: Lunch, Then Rehab

What’s the first thing Robert Downey Jr. asked for when he got out of prison Wednesday? Answer: a hamburger.

And what did Downey do after finishing his lunch?

Answer: He checked into rehab.

Word comes today from The Associated Press that Downey, released from the pokey on a legal technicality, is “putting his life back together and putting this behind him.” Or so says his attorney, Robert Waters.

“He is now in a sober living environment,” Waters said. Downey was housed since August in a substance abuse treatment facility at the Corcoran State Prison in central California, the same prison (albeit in a different section) Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan spend their daze.

Downey was serving a three-year jail term for drug possession. His lawyers won his freedom in an appeals court, arguing that an L.A. Superior Court judge had miscalculated his sentence.

Downey, 35, had been scheduled to be released in November, with credit for time off for good behavior.

Lawyers for Downey argued that the Malibu judge who sentenced the Oscar-nominated actor in August should have given him credit for 53 days served in a rehabilitation program.

Downey’s films include “Less Than Zero,” “The Pick-Up Artist” and “Two Girls and a Guy.” He received an Oscar nomination in for the title role in 1992’s “Chaplin.”