From Pepsi Peddler to Helen Keller

From Pepsi pitch girl to playing Helen Keller. Hallie Kate Eisenberg will next appear as the deaf and blind Keller in ABC’s “The Wonderful World of Disney’s The Miracle Worker” on Sunday.

It’s the little tyke’s first venture into a dramatic role, USA Today reports. Her mom said that Eisenberg was so into this particular role that she would wake up at night signing into her pillow. Uh-huh.

NEW NIGHTS FOR ‘ED’ AND ‘TITANS’: NBC is doing the shuffle. In an attempt to firm up a few weak spots in its primetime lineup, the network is moving its freshman show “Ed” to Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. while “Titans” is being relocated to Monday at 8 p.m. and “The World’s Most Amazing Videos” will settle on Sundays at 7 p.m. All changes will take place beginning Dec. 6.

NO KNIGHT FOR CBS: Bobby Knight is still looking for a job. Indiana’s former head basketball coach, who was fired in September, was in negotiations with CBS about a possible job as a college basketball commentator job, but The Associated Press reports that both sides failed to come to an agreement.

“It never got to that point. It wasn’t going to work out,” Knight’s agent, Sandy Montag, said Thursday.

Knight would have sat in the booth with veteran play-by-play commentator Dick Enberg. Enberg’s last partner, Al McGuire, left just before the NCAA Tournament last season due to an illness. After Knight was fired, he was contacted by CBS Sports President Sean McManus for a possible job, but an agreement never materialized.