Jeremy Irons: ‘Jennifer Lawrence can wear whatever she pleases’


Jennifer Lawrence can wear what she wants, when she wants, according to her Red Sparrow co-star Jeremy Irons.

At a recent London photocall for the spy thriller, Jennifer donned a plunging Versace gown as she posed outside in the freezing British temperatures. Critics slammed her choice of outfit, with one even tweeting: “True equality means either Jennifer Lawrence getting a coat, or Jeremy Irons having to pose for a photo call in a**less chaps.”

Jennifer, 27, has already blasted online trolls, and now Jeremy has had his say too.
“Well, I did look at my a**less chaps before I went in and decided that it might be a little much and that Jennifer really had more to put on show than I did,” the distinguished actor dead-panned to British newspaper Metro. “I think that it is down to the individual preference and that should be respected.

Jennifer wanted to wear that, I wanted to wear what I was wearing and I don’t think anybody should make the decision but the person who is wearing whatever it is they’re wearing.”

He went on to say his colleague is “immensely free, zany and adventurous”, while also praising her “doesn’t give a s**t” attitude.

Later in the interview, Jeremy was asked about his own fitness and diet regime, but the 69-year-old credited his slender frame to good genes.

“My genes, probably. My mother was quite slim,” he mused. “I have a dog, so I walk about an hour a day. I am not that interested in food and I smoke. I think all of that keeps me thin.”