Joan and Jackie Collins’ life story to be adapted for TV

The life story of showbiz sisters Joan and Jackie Collins is being turned into a six-part TV series.
Executives at British production company Fable Pictures have secured the TV rights to the story of the two British sisters who became Hollywood superstars in the 1980s, and are planning to adapt it into a six-hour series titled Joan & Jackie.
The biographical show will chart the lives of “two remarkable heroines on the riveting journeys of their dazzling careers, through personal tragedy and triumph, emerging as the fabulous icons we know today,” according to a press release.
“I am delighted that such a prestigious team wants to tell our story, and I know my sister Jackie would be as excited as I am to be involved!” Dame Joan said in a statement.
Late author Jackie’s daughters Tiffany, Tracy and Rory added, “Our mother always told us when we were growing up that ‘Girls can do anything!’ and Joan & Jackie will fabulously depict how true that is!”
Joan recently said during her current Joan Collins: Unscripted tour that she was “in deep discussion” for a biopic about her life, but couldn’t share more details.
While the show will chart their beginnings in London in the ’40s and their rise to stardom in the ’80s, it will still resonate with the current #MeToo era as the former Dynasty actress and her author sister had to navigate issues like sexism and harassment “with their trademark wit and megawatt glamour proving they are both strong and fearless women not to be underestimated.”
The six-hour series will be written by award-winning playwright Penelope Skinner, produced by Fable Pictures, who have enjoyed recent success with Laurel and Hardy biopic Stan & Ollie, and distributed globally by Sony Pictures Television.
Jackie, who wrote more than 30 novels which sold over 500 million copies, passed away in 2015 at the age of 77 following a battle with breast cancer.