Michael McDonald pays tribute to teenager killed by police officer

Singer Michael Mcdonald has paid tribute to an African-American teenager killed by a police officer in his native Missouri by releasing a statement about the tragedy. Michael Brown was shot dead by a local police officer investigating a robbery on 9 August (14). The tragedy has sparked a series of heated protests between locals, police and U.S. Marshals in Ferguson, and the former Doobie Brothers singer is saddened to see what is occurring in his hometown.
A statement from McDonald reads: “As someone who spent his first 18 yrs (years) in the St. Louis area, (14 of them in Ferguson…), I pray for the family of Michael Brown and the entire community that is originally my home town to which I still feel a strong connection.
“I pray this tragic event and the still greater issue that it heralds will be faced and dealt with in an honest and responsible manner by the residents of Ferguson and the people in its leadership positions…”
He continues, “However on a larger landscape, mustn’t we ask ourselves why we’re hearing more and more about the incidents of young black males being gunned down by law enforcement not just in my home town of Ferguson… but all over this country.
“What I think needs to be honestly examined by the larger national community, is the difference between what constitutes a valid reason for use of deadly force when a young white male is the suspected perpetrator of a crime and what those standards seem to be when the suspect is African American. How many tragic losses of this nature must we endure before we’re called to conscience on this issue.”
Fellow Missouri native Nelly has also spoken out about the ongoing crisis in Ferguson. The rapper also took part in a peace rally earlier this week (beg18Aug14).