Nick Nolte Honored with Latest Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


Actor Nick Nolte was honored with the 2,623rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (20Nov17) and confessed it felt strange to have a day named after him.

The 76-year-old veteran was saluted by his Warrior director Gavin O’Connor as he unveiled his plaque, and scoffed at the idea of ‘Nick Nolte Day’.


He told fans, “I can barely get through one (day) myself.”

But the actor was clearly thrilled about his latest accolade and explained he was “deeply honored” to be among Hollywood’s greatest stars.

Meanwhile, O’Connor brought up Nolte’s colorful past, revealing, “He was a felon, manufactured draft cards in the 1960s. Then he became an actor. He locked himself in a room and devoured all the great plays, treaded (sic) the boards across the country performing in regional theatre. Nick was a gypsy and then he accidentally became a movie star.”

The director joked his friend’s voice sounded like “he’s swallowed a bag of nails”, and joked, “He’s crazy to the bone.”