ROLE CALL: Jennifer Lopez Needs Leading Man

Is this a job for Puff Daddy? To be sure, Jennifer Lopez is short a leading man after Aaron Eckhart (“Erin Brockovich“) fled the actress’s “Angel Eyes” just one month before the romantic comedy was to go before cameras. Today’s Daily Variety says Eckhart was unhappy with the script.

Nothing like having standards to mess up a perfectly good plan.

THEY ALSO WISH PIGS WOULD FLY: A Romanian-based film company said today that when it said Leonardo DiCaprio was going to star in its sci-fi flick “Librium” it meant the statement as “a wish, not a certainty.”

BUSY AS A BEE, INDUSTRIOUS AS AN ANT: In-demand Oscar winner Kevin Spacey will star in (and produce) an as-yet untitled flick about a theater production that is forced to import a Hollywood celeb to sell tickets. Variety says playwright Wendy Wasserstein (“The Heidi Chronicles”) will pen the script.