Steve Coogan cleared of driving offence

Steve Coogan cleared of driving offence

The Tropic Thunder star was hit with a court summons after his Land Rover vehicle was recorded travelling nine miles-per-hour (14.4 kilometres-per-hour) above the speed limit on a road near his home in Hove, England in October last year (11).

The actor took five months to name his friend Jodie Bailey as the driver of the vehicle on the day concerned, far beyond the 28-day limit set down by law.

But Coogan told Brighton Magistrates Court on Monday (16Jul12) that the vehicle was a pool car used by up to 20 of his family and friends, and he was so “exceptionally busy” it took him five months to remember lending the car to Bailey on the day of the offence.

Bailey, who was visiting Britain from Australia at the time, has admitted being at the wheel when the speeding offence was committed.

Coogan was cleared of a charge of failing to provide the driver’s identity.