‘Stranger Things’ star Shannon Purser Comes Out as Bisexual


Actress Shannon Purser has come out as bisexual in an honest and touching Twitter post.

The Stranger Things actress has been using her social media to share her thoughts with fans over the past few months. And on Tuesday (18Apr17), Shannon, 19, decided to come clean about her sexuality.

“I don’t normally do this, but I figure now is as good a time as any to get personal,” she wrote. “I’ve only just recently come out as bisexual to my family and friends.”

“It’s something I am still processing and trying to understand and I don’t like talking about it too much,” Shannon added, calling herself “very, very new to the LGBT community.”

Shannon’s candid post came after she was criticized for writing a tweet about viewers of her TV show Riverdale who “ship” (support a romantic relationship between) two female characters Betty and Veronica.

The Twitter post led to Shannon being accused of “queerbaiting”, described on Urban Dictionary as “a public figure bringing up the completely irrelevant detail about a person’s sexuality, true or untrue, as a way of subtly channelling homophobia to attack them.”

The teenage actress insisted in her Twitter post that she hadn’t intended to do that with her message, writing: “I have never ever wanted to alienate anyone. It wasn’t a wise or kind thing to say and I’m disappointed in myself, especially as a Christian who has always been taught to speak love to others.”

“Thank you to all the people who kindly reached out to me and educated me about the reality (of) your feelings about queerbaiting and I apologize to those who were hurt.”

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