The Hangover Part III could be Mr. Chow spin-off

Director Todd Phillips is already considering destinations for his third and final film after shooting the sequel in Thailand – and he reveals the third installment could be all about Chow.

He tells WENN, “The third would be very much a finale and an ending. It is not following the same template but a very new idea.

“Who knows, we could do a spin-off Mr. Chow movie but I still haven’t talked to Ken about it. Chow is definitely a man of mystery – like Austin Powers – and he obviously has a web that’s woven deep in crime and women.”

Meanwhile, Phillips is open to hearing from diplomats and film council officials from all over the world, who want him to shoot the next The Hangover film in their cities.

He adds, “As far as where it takes place I’m very open, like the Olympic committee, to being pitched and presented various cities, being flown around with wine and women and bribed! Then I will make my decision.”