Timberlake and Dicaprio Rep Slams Fellow Publicists

Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s publicist Ken Sunshine has blasted
fellow celebrity representatives for falsely joining his war against
“stalkerazzi” paparazzi.

New York-based Sunshine, who also represents Ben Affleck, is an avid
campaigner for a clampdown on persistent photographers, who follow his famous
clients every move and jeopardize their safety.

Sunshine emailed American newspaper New York Daily News after hearing Demi Moore‘s publicist Stephen Huvane criticize photographer Steve Sands for “threatening her and endangering her” at April 18th premiere of Moore‘s boyfriend Ashton Kutcher‘s latest movie A Lot Like Love.

At the New York city premiere, Moore and Kutcher refused to pose for Sands,
who has since fumed at the actress, saying, “What is the point of
going to a premiere and not posing for photographers?”

After reading about the photography battle, Sunshine fumes, “What a f**king
joke these Hollywood flacks are, making believe they really want to do
something to combat these insane ‘stalkerazzis’.

“They play the game of mouthing disgust at the most extreme misbehaviour of
these stalkers so that they look like they’re doing something for their A-list
clients. But they’re really doing business with these creeps so that their B
and C-level clients can get in the magazines that are the lifeblood of the

“The only way to stop this insanity is to stop doing business with the
magazines and TV outlets that pay silly money for photos.

“I’ve been on this lonely crusade for a long time, and constantly being told
by these big-shot publicists, magazine editors and TV producers that I take
this all too seriously, that I would be more understanding if I spent more time
in LA, that if I had more celebrity clients I would play the game like they

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