Viola Davis writing sequel to Corduroy children’s book


Actress Viola Davis is using her creativity to write a new sequel to classic children’s picture book Corduroy.

The Help star is teaming up with publishers at Viking Children’s Books to continue the story of original author Don Freeman’s 1968 release, which centers on the titular teddy bear, who is given a loving home after spending his life on a department store shelf.

Freeman wrote a follow-up, A Pocket for Corduroy, in 1978, the same year he died, while a new installment, titled Corduroy Lost and Found, was added in 2006, thanks to kids’ writer B. G. Hennessy.

Now Viola is set to try her hand at children’s storytelling with Corduroy Takes a Bow, which will be illustrated by Jody Wheeler and released in September, 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of the first book in the franchise, reports The Associated Press.

The Oscar winner reveals she was drawn to the project because she has “special” memories of Corduroy from her childhood, and has since shared her joy in the books with her own daughter, Genesis.