Ewan McGregor, His Arse, and the Definition of Nudity

While other actors may shudder at the prospect of on-screen nudity, Ewan McGregor embraces it, never turning down an opportunity to shed his clothes in the service of his art. In fact, one could reasonably posit that McGregor’s penchant for nudity, both full-frontal and otherwise, is the only consistent feature of his bafflingly varied film oeurve. While you’d be hard-pressed to predict what kind of film the Scottish-bred actor will make next (An indie classic like Trainspotting? A studio tentpole like The Island? A blink-and-you-missed-it debacle like Deception?), you can be reasonably assured that he’ll drop trou in it.

McGregor can next be seen in the Roman Polanski-directed political thriller The Ghost Writer, in which his pale British bottom makes a brief but memorable cameo. But the actor hesitates to label it “nudity,” as we learned in a recent interview:

The Ghost Writer is now playing in select theaters.