The Weekend | 2011

Drama, Foreign
Inga moved on when Jens was imprisoned. Eighteen years later, his early release - and the depth of her lingering feelings for him - complicates her new life.


... Jens Kessler


... Inga Lansky


... Henner Borchard


... Gregor Lansky


... Tina Kessler



Learning of the early release of Red Army Faction terrorist Jens Kessler, Inga Lansky finds her life turned upside down. Jens was the love of her life and also the father of her son, Gregor. During the 18 years he was behind bars, he broke off all contact, and in turn, Inga moved on to start a new family. The thought of meeting Jens after so long plunges Inga into an emotional crisis. When Jens' sister, Tina, invites people over for the weekend, Inga initially declines the invitation. However, her husband Ulrich convinces her to stop by. It is not long before Jens wants to know who betrayed him to the police, and the festiveness of the gathering quickly dissipates. The following day Inga and Ulrich's daughter, Doro, shows up unexpectedly, delaying her parents' departure. She finds herself attracted to Jens but soon realizes that Jens' interest lies with her mother. When she observes Inga and Jens kissing in the woods, she calls her half-brother Gregor to tell him of his father's release from prison. Gregor's arrival onto the scene only further stirs things up.


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