We Finally Know If The ‘Rugrats’ Babies Were Just In Angelica’s Head!


If you love fan theories like we do, then you’ve most likely heard about this disturbing Rugrats fan theory. The viral theory from Reddit User kilo73 suggests that since Angelica Pickles’ parents were the actual worst, in order to deal with her isolation and loneliness, Angelica dreamed up the Rugrats and their various adventures to cope. That portion of the theory is pretty somber, but it actually gets a lot more horrifying.

kilo73 further explains that Chuckie actually died with his mother in a car wreck which is why his father is so obsessive and neurotic. Furthermore, Tommy was stillborn and Phil and Lil were aborted at conception. (We told you this theory was insanely dark.) According to kilo73, the only real babies besides Angelica were her friend Susie Carmichael and Tommy’s little brother Dill Pickles, who couldn’t speak. So is there any truth to this theory? Rugrats creator Arlene Klasky spoke to a audience at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 to set the record straight. 


according to the creator of rugrats, that dark theory isn’t true

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If you didn’t catch that, Klask says, “A lot of people believe that conspiracy theory. And no, it’s not true.” Seriously guys, can’t we just let the ’90s be a grand magical time?!!

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