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Corey Haim’s Mother Judy Names her Son’s Alleged Abuser

The mother of late actor Corey Haim has named the man she alleges sexually abused her tragic son.
Judy Haim addressed a report in the National Enquirer in which former actor Dominick Brascia claimed a 19-year-old Charlie Sheen had sexually assaulted Haim, then 13, on set of 1986 film Lucas.

A spokesperson for Sheen vehemently denied Brascia’s claims, and on Friday (10Nov17), Judy told TV medic Dr. Mehmet Oz it was Dominick who acted inappropriately with her boy.

“This guy Dominick is the guy that abused my son,” she said. “My son said so.”

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Haim, who struggled with drug addiction before dying of pneumonia at the age of 38 in 2010, is said to have made reference to the alleged abuse he suffered from Brascia on The Two Coreys, a reality show he starred in with friend and fellow child star Corey Feldman.

“He (Haim) said so on The Two Coreys,” Judy said about the sexual abuse. “If you ever go back and watch any interview that my son ever gave, you would understand what I’m talking about. He hid nothing.”

She also described an incident in which she caught Brascia allegedly straddling her son in his apartment.

Dominick was sitting on my son, pinning him to the floor, not allowing him to move,” Judy said. “I took a pool cue – and he will remember that – and I went so close to his head and I said: ‘You better get off of him or I’m bashing your head in.’ And he got off of him and we left.'”

The former actor was previously accused of being Haim’s abuser last year (16), but Brascia denied the allegation in an interview with Perez Hilton.

“It’s totally not true,” Brascia said at the time. “I’m as shocked as anyone else (as Haim) was one of my good friends, I knew him for over 25 years.”

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He has yet to comment on Judy’s TV claims.

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