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Hollywood Stands Up for Lizzo, Shutting Down The Trolls

Hey Hollywooders! What’s Good in the ‘Wood? With the steady rise of social media, we know it can be a positive place for growth and connection. Sometimes though, having access to the web can have its consequences. When people are behind a screen, they can say whatever they want without fear, hurting people in the public eye.

Usually, the easiest targets for scrutiny are celebrities. They are expected to put their lives out for people to see, even if they don’t get respect in return. Recently, Lizzo has been caught in the fire of mean-spirited social media users.

Lizzo broke down on social media about “racist” and “fatphobic” trolls

While most fans shared their excitement about Lizzo’s new single “Rumors” with Cardi B, some social media users posted some pretty mean and distasteful comments about the singer.

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Lizzo got honest with her fans, hopping on Instagram Live to share how painful the negative comments felt. While the Instagram video has since disappeared, fans have saved portions of the video to share on Twitter.

“I’m putting so much loving energy into the world, and sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back,” Lizzo said on her Instagram LIVE, which has since been posted to YouTube. “It’s like it doesn’t matter how much positive energy you put into the world, you’re still going to have people who have something mean to say about you.”

Lizzo also shared advice to fans about the difficulty of finding self love within yourself:

“Loving yourself in a world that don’t love u back takes an incredible amount of self awareness & a bullshit detector that can see through ass backwards societal standards,“ Lizzo tweeted. “if u managed to love yourself today I’m proud of u. If u haven’t, I’m still proud of u. This shits hard”

We feel ya, Lizzo. We love your positivity and vulnerability!

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Hollywood celebrities stay stanning Lizzo, shutting down the trolls with overwhelming positivity

The HollyGOOD news: Hollywood celebs SHOWED UP for Lizzo.

Cardi B, who collabed with Lizzo on “Rumors,” took to Twitter to send her love and support to the “Truth Hurts” singer.

“When you stand up for yourself they claim your problematic & sensitive. When you don’t they tear you apart until you crying like this,” she tweeted. “Whether you skinny, big, plastic, they going to always try to put their insecurities on you. Remember these are nerds looking at the popular table.”.

Singer Chloe Bailey also shared her love for Lizzo:

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The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil emphasized the toxicity of social media while standing up for Lizzo.

Lizzo will always be “Good As Hell” for Hollywood

While trolls are spewing their hate on social media, Cardi B says that “Rumors is doing great.” In a selection of four photos, the rapper shows that the song is charting in the top 10 on all music platforms.

Later on Sunday, Lizzo shared a video to Twitter with her smiling and laughing.

“Sometimes I get sad. . . and then I—” she wrote.

No matter the unwarranted hate Lizzo receives, she consistently proves that she’ll come out on top with her talent and hardwork.

Keep on rocking, Lizzo! We’ll always be in your corner and appreciate your vulnerability.

Haven’t seen the “Rumors” music video yet? We gotchu:

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