Best Reactions to Movies Out Now In Theaters

Andrew Garfield as "Jim Bakker" and Jessica Chastain as "Tammy Faye Bakker" in the film THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE
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Hey, Hollywooders! Have you ever LOVED a movie that critics seem to hate? Or maybe you HATED a movie that got rave reviews?

The truth is, movie critics don’t know everything. That’s why we’re here to share how regular people react to new movies out now.

Before you buy tickets, pick showtimes, or search ‘movie theater near me,’ read on for real, spoiler-free reactions to films in theaters from regular, everyday people.

Movies Out Now: Copshop

Copshop is an action thriller that stars Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, and Toby Huss. The film follows con artist Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) as he hides from Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler) in the Nevada desert. When Teddy gets himself taken into custody in a town’s police station, Bob also lands himself in jail in order to get to Teddy before a rival hitman does.

Copshop was directed by Joe Carnahan, who also wrote the film with Kurt McLeod.

Movies Out Now: The Eyes of Tammy Faye 

The Eyes of Tammy Faye is a biographical about televangelists Tammy Faye Bakker (played by Jessica Chastain, who also produced the film) and Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield). The film is based on a documentary of the same name that was released in 2000. Directed by Michael Showalter, the movie centers on the rise and fall of the controversial couple.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye was written by Abe Sylvia and also stars Cherry Jones, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Fredric Lehne. Audiences are praising Andrew Garfield’s and Jessica Chastain’s performances in the film! writer Natalie Daniels writes:

Jessica Chastain takes over the role of Tammy Faye with every ounce of energy she has. Throughout the movie, it feels like she carries this hidden weight that’s always overshadowed by her virtuous and compassionate personality. Jessica does a tremendous job in balancing the magic of Tammy Faye while also highlighting her darknesses.” Read the full review here!

Movies Out Now: Nightbooks

One of Netflix’s latest releases is Nightbooks. This film is a dark fantasy that stars Winslow Fegley, Lidya Jewett, and Krysten Ritter. The movie centers on a young boy named Alex (Winslow Fegley) who is obsessed with scary stories. Alex must tell these chilling stories every night to keep himself and his friend Yazmin (Lidya Jewett) from being trapped in the magical apartment of a young witch (Krysten Ritter).

Nightbooks was written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, and was directed by David Yarovesky. It is based on the 2018 children’s book of the same name by J. A. White.

Movie lovers on Twitter have nothing but positive reviews for Nightbooks after streaming it on Netflix!

Movies Out Now: Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou is a drama that focuses on a man (Justin Chon) living with his family in Louisiana who was adopted from Korea as a child. He must face his past when he learns that there’s a possibility he could be deported and be separated from his home, expectant wife, and step-daughter. The film also stars Alicia Vikander, Mark O’Brien, Linh Dan Pham, and Sydney Kowalske.

Blue Bayou was written and directed by Justin Chon. Viewers took to Twitter to emphasize how moving and emotional the film is.

Movies Out Now: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a coming-of-age musical that is based on the stage musical of the same name, which was adapted from a BBC documentary titled Jamie: Drag Queen at 16. The movie follows 16-year-old Jamie New (played by Max Harwood/ Noah Leggott) on his journey to following his dreams and the experiences that come along with that.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie also stars Sarah Lancanshire, Lauren Patel, Shobna Gulati, and Ralph Ineson. The film was directed by Jonathan Butterell and written by Tom MacRae. You can watch Everybody’s Talking About Jamie on Amazon Prime Video or see it in select theaters!

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