Justin Bieber Punches A Barcelona Fan And Leaves Him With A Bloody Lip

Oh, Justin Bieber, it may be a little too late to say sorry for this one. On Tuesday night, while on tour in Barcelona, Biebs decked a fan who ran up to his car and stuck his hand in the window.

TMZ obtained an exclusive video of the incident, which you can watch above. It clearly depicts the singer jabbing a fan in the face, which resulted in a bloody lip. Was the punch deserved? Well, we can’t condone violence, but if a rabid fan stuck his arm in our car, we’d totally pull a Gigi Hadid and come out swinging.

Apparently, the fan got as far as touching Bieber’s face before he was hit. That’s kind of scary!

Justin’s Purpose tour has had a few snafus. In addition to punching a fan in the face, Biebs threw multiple on-stage tantrums during his performances in the U.K. and even stormed off the stage mid-show in Manchester.

It can’t be easy being a pop star.

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