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Kim Kardashian Will No Longer Flaunt Wealth On Social Media After Paris Robbery


Kim Kardashian was rightfully shaken after her intense, terrifying robbery in Paris. The reality TV star was bound and gagged and begged for her life. This is not something she’s taking lightly and has since decided to change the way she uses social media.

Paris officials believe Kardashian’s social media use made her an easy target. Part of her personal brand is flaunting her amazing wealth on Instagram, but pair that with the fact that she’s always Snapchatting about where she is, and you’ve got a very dangerous combination. The reality TV star actually agrees with people slamming her social media usage. It did make her an easy target.

According to TMZKim is taking a well-deserved month off from work. When she returns to the job she’ll no longer be displaying her personal wealth. She’s even going to promote her fashion line a bit less!

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Apparently, she privately said “Material things mean nothing. It’s not all about the money,” adding, “It’s not worth it.”

Poor Kimmy. No one deserves to go through what she went through. Hopefully, cutting back on social media posting will help keep her location more private and deter anyone who wants to cause her harm.

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