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Lindsay Lohan Loses Half Of Her Finger In A Boating Accident


Poor Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break — or maybe too many things are breaking at once. After breaking off her engagement with the scary, allegedly abusive Russian heir Egor Tarabasov, she also broke off a bit of her finger. Yikes.

It’s almost sacrilege for something so terrible to happen to Lohan on the holiest of Lohan holidays, Mean Girls Day, but this October 3rd things were a lot less ‘grool’ than usual. The actress lost half of her left-hand ring finger in a boating accident, and spent Mean Girls Day in pain as her finger was reattached.

According to the 30-year-old’s Snapchat, she tried to anchor a boat on her own, and it resulted in her chopping off half of her finger. Thankfully, the severed portion of her finger was recovered by friends and reattached — but her post is gnarly.

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lindsay lohan snapchat

The actress appears to be in better spirits following the accident. She posted a cheeky Instagram post saying “One handed selfie.” Oh, poor Lindsay.


The actress also clarified that though she said her finger was clean severed off, it was ripped off, not chopped. Somehow, we think that would hurt way, way more.


We wish Lohan the speediest of recoveries, and maybe next time, ask for some help when you’re anchoring your boat.

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