People Think Taylor Swift Voted For Donald Trump And Here’s Why

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This election cycle was fierce, and many of our favorite female celebrities were not afraid to voice their opinions about (or rather distaste for) Donald Trump. Lady Gaga even staged a protest when he was declared the winner of the presidential race. Curiously, there was one celeb who remained mum on the subject even though key girl squad members Gigi Hadid and Lena Dunham voiced their support for Hillary Clinton. Where was Taylor Swift’s Clinton endorsement?

Despite the numerous false articles on the web saying that Swifty actually verbalized her support for Trump, she’s done no such thing. Still, that doesn’t stop us from wondering if she actually voted for the orange-faced reality TV show host. 

Many fans are taking Swift’s silence as a Trump endorsement. The singer posted a photo from the polls and encouraged her fans to vote but never said which candidate she backed.

Similarly, Swift encouraged fans to vote in 2008 but never said which candidate she had voted for. Still would a Trump endorsement be that far off? While most of Tay’s girl squad members have publicly endorsed Clinton, there’s one — one who has a lot of influence — that hasn’t, and that is Taylor’s right had woman, Karlie Kloss. Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner for four years. Joshua’s brother is Jared Kushner, who some of you might know as Ivanka Trump’s husband. Jared publicly went to bat for Donald and said “My father-in-law is not an anti-Semite.” Could Swift possibly vote against her BFF’s boyfriend and family?

Many have criticized Swift as a champion of feminism that conveniently benefits pretty white girls. In theory, Clinton and Taylor are a match made in heaven. We must remember that Hillary was once a young, pretty white girl who perfectly fit into the mold of Tay-tay’s girl squad. How could we ever think that Swifty wouldn’t vote for her?

Some people believe that Taylor’s outfit in her Election Day post says it all. Lena Dunham wore a shoulderless sweater as a nod to Hillary Clinton’s shoulderless turtleneck in this throwback photo. Swifty could’ve done the same and subtly told us who she endorsed without uttering a peep. 

Taylor’s vote all comes down to one complicated question. What does the singer care about more: her commitment to feminism or her girl squad?

What we do know is that despite Swift’s lack of public endorsement for Trump, Trump has publicly endorsed Swift.

Who do you think she voted for?

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