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Robert Pattinson Ditched British Accent for Auditions


Robert Pattinson used to ditch his British accent for auditions because he didn’t want casting directors knowing where he was from.

The Twilight actor has revealed that he would adopt an American twang and put on a character as soon as he entered the audition room to make it seem like he was from Denver, Colorado rather than showing casting directors his true, British self.

Josh Safdie, the co-director of Robert’s movie Good Time, said at Cannes Film Festival in France, “You were telling me that story about how you’d go to auditions with your Denver accent, because you just did not want anyone to know that you were British-born. No offense to the British.”

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Robert, 31, confirmed the story, adding, “I would do an impression. I would have another character to go an audition to play a different character.”

Since his breakout in the Twilight movies as vampire Edward Cullen, Robert has been trying to distance himself from romantic lead roles and in Good Time, he plays a tattooed bank robber with a goatee beard and pockmarks who is trying to save his arrested brother after a robbery goes wrong.

The heist thriller premiered at the festival on Thursday (25May17) and was thought to be one of the most well-received movies of the event so far. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it received a six-minute standing ovation, with members of the audience whistling, cheering and yelling phrases like, “Great job”. Josh and his co-director brother Benny reportedly had tears in their eyes.

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