This Is What It’d Be like If Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Did ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Together


A love will never ever be as strong, passionate or special as a first love. That’s why most of us are still mourning the end of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s relationship. Though his tattoos are covered up, we still remember a time when we thought Selieber would be forever (why did Selieber never catch on?).

For those of us still hoping that those crazy kids will find their way back to each other (because we want to believe that true love exists and 2016 has been hard enough), we’ve got a treat for you.

What if Selena and Bieber never became bitter? What if she never called him out for having major PDA on his Instagram account and he never went through the post-breakup downward spiral that caused him to cancel shows, punch a fan and egg someone’s house?

This mashup of Carpool Karaoke puts Selena and Justin together as if they were driving around, having fun, and still in love. We have tears for the nostalgia.

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It’s so beautiful we could cry. Imagine the scene — Selena and JB out on a road trip singing each other’s hit songs to pass the time. Maybe Selena convinces Biebs to stop at a drive through for a soda and some fries. There are so many giggles.

Sadly, Biebs and Selena would probably rip out each other’s hair before getting into a car together, but thanks to modern technology we can at least pretend we live in a world where love prevails.

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