Alec Baldwin accused of shoving paparazzo

Alec Baldwin has clashed with members of the paparazzi once more after allegedly pushing one photographer into a car outside his New York apartment building. The actor was caught on tape growing annoyed with one particular snapper waiting on the pavement as he left his home on Friday morning (15Nov13).
Video footage obtained by shows Baldwin approaching the paparazzo and appearing to shove him against a parked vehicle. As the former 30 Rock star walked off, the unidentified man shouts after him, “You just grabbed me! You just grabbed me!”, prompting Baldwin to step up to the photographer again, allegedly smacking the small camera out of his hands.
The snapper then chases after Baldwin, telling him, “You just shoved me into a car!”, with the actor responding, “Get out my face… You’re assaulting me… Who’s chasing who down the block now…? You take a walk… you don’t wanna get hurt, do ya (sic)?”
The 55 year old’s latest run-in with the paparazzi occurred just a day after he raged at another Big Apple snapper for coming too close to his wife Hilaria and their baby daughter, hours after Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin was convicted and jailed for stalking his family.
Baldwin was also previously involved in an altercation with a shutterbug in August (13), and he was accused of hitting another Big Apple photographer in 2012.