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Berkoff joins Moore for foie gras fight

Acclaimed actor Berkoff played a Russian general opposite Moore in 1983 spy movie Octopussy, but he and the former 007 are now on the same side in the fight against bosses at Fortnum & Mason.

The London shop – Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite store – continues to sell controversial pate foie gras, and Berkoff and Moore are working with officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to convince company bosses to remove the product from their shelves.

Berkoff, who recently starred alongside Johnny Depp in The Tourist, says, “The methods by which foie gras is produced are absolutely villainous, so it’s little wonder the vast majority of the British public want foie gras sales banned. It’s time Fortnum & Mason joined other upmarket retailers and stopped selling a product that causes birds agonising pain and death.”

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