Bond producer’s daughter not surprised by Alfred Hitchcock telegram

A recently uncovered telegram from Fleming to novelist Eric Ambler in 1959 suggests the writer was considering Hitchcock for the first Bond film, which was initially set to be Thunderball.

Saltzman, Broccoli and the 007 creator eventually settled on Terence Young, who picked Sean Connery to play Bond over Cary Grant – the best man at Saltzman’s wedding – and Roger Moore, who eventually took over the role from Connery.

And they decided to make Dr. No the first film. Thunderball became the fourth Bond movie in the series.

Saltzman’s daughter Hilary tells WENN, “I’ve never heard about the telegram before, but Fleming was legendary for floating constant ideas about re casting and possible directors… probably too many.

“Don’t forget, he also wanted his next-door neighbour Noel Coward to play the role of Dr. No… and my father contacted Salvador Dali because he wanted him to design the tarot cards for Live and Let Die! They all had wild ideas.”