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Brian Cox amazed by America’s response to Scottish referendum

Scottish actor Brian Cox was “amazed” at the attention his country’s referendum received in the U.S. and has branded the political vote “one of the proudest moments” of his life. The Troy star felt “enormous pride” at September’s (14) referendum, in which Scots voted on whether to remain part of Great Britain or become independent.
Cox is adamant Scots should be “more boastful” of their achievements after they voted to stay in the U.K.
He tells Britain’s Daily Record, “I was amazed at the attention we had in America. I think we showed our mettle for all the problems that came up. I think we have an enormous amount to be proud of. We set an example to the rest of the world. Scotland hasn’t quite understood that, we’re not boastful as a nation and I think we could be a bit more boastful because what that referendum achieved was pretty amazing. It was a tremendous learning curve for everyone, myself included… It was one of the proudest moments of my life… I was never more proud to be Scottish.”

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