Britney doused with urine

Look ya’ll, she doesn’t wanna be so damn protected.

That’s what Britney Spears belts out in the new single, “Overprotected” form her third album Britney, but rumor has it the princess of pop could have used some shielding last week while taping a TV commercial in Los Angeles.

Spears apparently had to duck for cover after angry resident threw buckets of urine as she sang her heart out on location in a downtown street at around 4 a.m.

According to Sky News, filming was abandoned shortly after the 21-year-old singer scrambled into her trailer.

One resident was quoted as saying: “We kept hearing the same song over and over but what made it worse were two 100-foot spotlights. They lit up our apartment like it was daytime.

“Lots of people in the block opened their windows and started screaming at her. Britney certainly didn’t deserve the bucket treatment. She’s a brilliant singer–but perhaps not when you’re trying to get to sleep.”

It is not known what exactly Spears was taping in the wee hours of the morning, but sources say it was either a television commercial or the “Overprotected” video shoot, which wrapped at about the same time last week.

One thing is certain, don’t expect the footage to appear in the next installment of MTV’s Making the Video: Britney Spears.