Bryan Cranston Stung by a Bee in his Testicles While Filming “Malcolm”


Bryan Cranston was once stung by a bee in his testicles while filming his hit sitcom Malcolm In The Middle.

The Breaking Bad star reveals he was jokingly asked by one of the show’s writers if he would wear a suit of live bees – and he agreed.

The daring 61-year-old was subsequently covered with 75,000 honey bees and luckily, was only stung once – but it was in the most private of places.

“I was standing there with all these bees on and my action was to turn around, and a bee apparently went down into my pants and stung me right into the bees (testicles),” he told Live! with Kelly. “I thought, ‘Oh, I got stung,’ because the beekeeper said, ‘Tell me when you get stung,’ and he’s ready to clip it out. I go, ‘I got stung,’ and he goes, ‘Where?’ and I went, ‘In the boys (testicles),’ and he goes, ‘Sorry man’.”

Cranston insists the sting did not hurt as badly as he thought it would.

“What I discovered is that bee sting pain is largely… the surprise,” he mused. “But my reaction was, ‘Oh, I think I just got stung.’ Because it’s like if you get your blood taken, when they prick your finger, that’s what it felt like.”

Malcolm in the Middle, in which Cranston played goofy dad Hal, also starred Frankie Muniz and Jane Kaczmarek, and ran for seven seasons until 2006.