Chevy Chase, We Love You!

Remember how before “Snow Day,” those snack-chip commercials, and that really lame late-night talk show, Chevy Chase used to be considered funny? Apparently so.

A new poll shows Chase is America’s third-most favorite “Saturday Night Live” cast member in the NBC show’s 25-year history. And while No. 3 is not No. 1, it’s not bad for a guy who did “Snow Day,” snack-chip commercials and a really lame late-night talk show.

Per the Zogby poll, John Belushi is our all-time fave “SNL” comic, presumably because we figure he must have been really serious about his art if he crashed and burned like that at age 32 in 1982.

The breakdown went like this: Belushi was the No. 1 choice of 15.7 percent of those surveyed; Eddie Murphy came in second with 14.2 percent; Chase did nicely with 10.6 percent.

Rounding out the Top Five: Gilda Radner (9.4 percent) and Bill Murray (6.8 percent).

Steve Martin finished in sixth place with 6.1 percent, even though he’s only hosted a bunch of times and never appeared as a regular.

Strangely, the guy who did Goat Boy (uh, that would be Jim Breuer) was not mentioned.