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Coming out fuss shocked Heard

The Pineapple Express star went public with her romance with photographer Tasya Van Ree at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) 25th anniversary gala in Los Angeles in December (10) and the big announcement made big news.

But Heard insists she didn’t expect to hit the headlines by showing off her girlfriend of two years.

She tells Playboy magazine, “To say I ‘came out’ implies that I was once ‘in’… I never ‘came out’ from anywhere.

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“I’ve always lived my life the way I’ve wanted and have been honest with myself and everyone around me.

“I don’t think the producers and directors I’ve worked with care one way or another (if I’m gay). The only frustrating part has been all the media attention. For someone like me who prefers to keep her life as private as possible, if has been disconcerting to have to define so much about myself.”

And, although Heard is actively fighting for the rights of gay people to wed in California, she has no plans to rush down the aisle: “It’s an important issue and I’m fighting for the right to get married. For other people.”

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