David Duchovny left mum traumatised by early film

The X-Files star now takes more care to steer his mum away from harrowing scenes – and admits he has warned her not to watch his racy TV drama Californication.

He says, “I did a movie called The Rapture a long time ago and I was naked in that and I got killed and it traumatised her.

“It was one of my first jobs, so of course I was very proud of it and I wanted her to go and see it… and it didn’t occur to me that maybe it’s not cool for a parent to go and see her son get murdered.

“I was like, ‘How did you like the movie?’ and she said, ‘I thought it was fine, but I can’t go see you if you get naked or you get killed.'”

And he’s keen for his kids with ex-wife Tea Leoni not to see Californication – until after he’s dead.

He adds, “I’m gonna put it in a time capsule and when I’m dead… It’s gonna be, like, in my will – ‘Now you can watch Californication. This is how you went through college.'”