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Fans find Zac Efron in active volcano

The movie star was convinced he’d be able to get away from the screaming fans and the autograph signing when he took off for an adventurous afternoon during a recent vacation.

The former High School Musical star recalls, “They put us on a helicopter and flew us to the top of a volcano… and we got on these ATVs and we rode up the lava fields… to the top of an active volcano and had lunch.”

But even there he was not safe from his fans: “We were in the middle of this base of the volcano, near a jungle and even there some fans came running outta the jungle. It was these two super-cute little girls that just showed up. I couldn’t believe it.

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“We hadn’t seen a face in, like, 30 miles… and out of nowhere they just came running up, jumping and screaming.”

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