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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. Sacha Baron Cohen‘s controversial comedy Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan has been banned in every Arab country except Lebanon. Dubai censor chief Yousuf Abdul Hamid called the film “vile, gross and extremely ridiculous,” while censors from the United Arab Emirates reportedly walked out of a screening in disgust.

2. Reese Witherspoon is nursing her broken heart following her recent marriage split by befriending fellow celebrity divorcee Renee Zellweger–the two actresses were spotted enjoying a meal together at Los Angeles’ Cut restaurant.

3. Beloved talk-show host David Letterman has signed on to host his late-night program until at least 2010. The 59-year-old star is expected to make more than $30 million a year with the new deal.

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4. Martin Scorsese‘s hit film The Departed went through 21 cuts in Kuwait before film censors there agreed to release the film.

5. Director Catherine Hardwicke saved cash on her religious epic The Nativity Story by using a set from Ridley Scott‘s Kingdom of Heaven movie as King Herod’s palace in her film.

6. Oscar winner Sally Field has found a way of cooking for her family while she works on the set of hit new drama series Brothers & Sisters–she prepares real meals when her character, Nora Walker, is called into the kitchen for scenes and then takes the food she makes home with her in the evening.

7. Al Gore‘s environmental film An Inconvenient Truth has become the third-biggest-grossing documentary of all time.

8. Actress Robin Wright-Penn is developing a documentary about female surfers even though she rarely hits the waves herself. She explains, “(Husband) Sean (Penn) is the surfer of the family.”

9. George Clooney is in negotiations to direct fellow Oscar winner Morgan Freeman in a new movie called The Belmont Boys.

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10. Rob Lowe is such a huge fan of tense TV drama 24 he has the theme as his ring tone. Ironically, his brother Chad will appear in the new season of the show next year.

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