Gerard Butler Hospitalized After Motorbike Accident


Gerard Butler was recently rushed to hospital after being involved in a motorbike accident.

The 300 actor was reportedly riding his motorbike in Los Angeles when he got cut off by a car, which caused him to come off the road and subsequently crash his vehicle, according to

An onlooker called the emergency services and the 47-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and treated for his injuries, which were minor cuts and bruises.

Despite the accident, Gerard is reportedly well enough to continue promoting his upcoming climate change movie Geostorm, which hits cinemas this week (beg16Oct17).

The incident comes just days after the Scottish star revealed he was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction to an alternative bee venom treatment, which he used to combat inflammation he suffered while shooting Geostorm in a heavy spacesuit.

Despite thinking his heart would “explode” after the first round of treatment, Gerard decided to inject himself with the venom again, just with a smaller dose.

“So, I take a shot, thinking it’s going to be O.K., and I have an even worse reaction… my throat was closing up,” Gerard sighed, before recalling what he said to doctors when he got to hospital. “They say, ‘So it’s a bee sting. What happened?’ And I go, ‘Well, I injected myself.'”