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Ginnifer Goodwin gains access to Walt Disney’s secret club

The actress, who plays Snow White in hit TV show Once Upon a Time, tried to get membership to the secret dinner club written into her contract when she signed on for the fantasy drama – but Disney bosses turned her down flat.

She says, “The membership has been closed for, like, 30 years… so when I was offered Once Upon a Time and my lawyer called, he was talking about money, talking about trailers and I said, ‘No, no, no, can I eat dinner at Club 33?’ And they were like, ‘No.’

“You have to be a member and it’s not fair to the other members if you can just negotiate into your Once Upon a Time contract… Everybody waited a lifetime to get in.”

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But Goodwin’s dream was realised this summer (12) after she saw an ad in a local newspaper: “I did various jobs for Disney and I kept going, ‘Alright, this one’s the one…’ I actually was reading the newspaper one day in May and they had just opened up their waiting list and I called everyone I knew and now we go.”

But the Walk The Line star already fears her membership might be revoked – because she’s talking about it all the time.

Goodwin explains, “I’m so scared… I read something about how no one is supposed to know anything about what happens in Club 33.”

The actress is the perfect member, however – she’s obsessed with all things Disneyland, revealing, “I think I’ve been there six times in the past four months… All I ever wanted in the world was to be a Disney princess, truly… I really just wanna ride Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion. I really like Thunder Mountain, especially at night.”

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