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Man of God Cast Asunder from ‘Survivor’

Lord, that Biblethumper bugged the bejezus out of his fellow castaways. And so when it came time to boot another body off the Island “Survivor”, Dirk Been, an otherwise strapping 23-year-old dairy farmer from Wisconsin, got kicked.

Dirk, ejected as of Wednesday’s episode, is the fifth contestant to get the hook, leaving 11 left to compete for the $1 million jackpot.

What was Dirk’s problem?

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“It’s not that I’m against his faith or nothing,” fellow castaway Susan Hawk said on the CBS Web site www.cbs.com. “But he spends all day reading his Bible and praying.”

True to his M.O., Dirk turned the other cheek when reflecting on his gameshow experience.

“Thank you God,” Dirk tells the site.

He also said: “Thank you Lord.”

And then: “Thank you Jesus Christ.”

And then: “Thank you Holy Spirit.”

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And by way of a coda he added: “… You guys take of your selves. I’ve got some partying to do y’all.”


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