Mario Lopez’s Life Saved By Witch Doctor

Actor Mario Lopez was cured of a deadly illness thanks to the help of a Mexican witch doctor.

The former Saved by the Bell star was just a baby when he contracted an illness that put him on his death bed, but his father made one last unconventional attempt to save his son. In an interview with Queen Latifah on her U.S. talk show on Thursday (16Oct14), Lopez recalls:

“I was deathly ill. I was almost going to die. The priest came and blessed me. I had a condition where I wasn’t retaining any fluid or food. I couldn’t vomit. I lost half my weight. They couldn’t even find a vein to put the IV. “My dad took me from the hospital (in California) and we went to Mexico. He took me to a ‘bruja’, which is a witch doctor, and with a pluck of this and that, she squared me all the way.” The TV personality admits the experience left him open to alternative medicine, no matter how odd the witch doctor’s methods may have been. He adds, “The whole point of that experience is that you do whatever you need to do for your family. And now being a father myself, I totally get it and respect it.”