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Miss America contestant to undergo double mastectomy

The pretty 24 year old, who will be representing Washington, D.C., has learned she is a carrier of the same rare chromosomal disease that claimed the life of her mum eight years ago.

She tells People magazine, “The idea that I could wake up one day and not have the same body that I did the day before is very scary, but I also realise my mum was diagnosed at 27. That’s three years away from me. I’m not going to let my fear of losing this part of my femininity stop me from living.

“My father and I have met with a surgeon and countless doctors. Some of them are wary because I don’t have breast cancer and I am so young, but others have said it’s a very smart move, especially for someone who is genetically predisposed.”

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Rose reveals she’ll undergo surgery after her duties are complete in January 2014 if she wins the Miss America crown. If not, the surgery will be scheduled next summer (13).

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