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Monaghan wrestled hogs in high school

The Source Code star grew up in the rural town of Winthrop, Iowa, where she and her friends would sign up for the unusual competition each year in a bid to win the hometown honour.

She says, “That was something that was quite popular actually… You’re not hurting the hog, no, but at the county fair every year, you’d get a hog pen… and you’d put a hog in the middle with a barrel and you’d have about six inches of mud.

“And you’d get a couple of your girlfriends, I think it was like 12 or 13, and they’d let that hog loose. And you would run around trying to catch the hog by all fours, and then essentially dump it in the barrel. And whoever was the quickest to do that, would get a blue ribbon. And I think we came in under 30 seconds one year, and I got a blue ribbon!”

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