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Niemi thrilled with Grey’s Swayze tribute on dancing show

Grey broke down during rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars on Monday night (20Sep10) when the emotion of what she was doing hit her – and the footage aired on the season debut.

The actress danced to Dirty Dancing tune These Arms of Mine with professional Derek Hough – and confessed the experience reminded her of dancing with Swayze in the movie. But she shone on the dancefloor, and wowed Swayze’s widow.

Niemi tells Access Hollywood Live, “What they showed of Jennifer in rehearsals… I was not quite expecting so much connection to Patrick during the rehearsals and of course it makes total sense. It was a little tough.

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“But I thought that dancing to These Arms of Mine… first of all I think that she did every bit as good a job as I thought she would and then some. Jennifer is a natural talent and she brought this kind of special sensuality… I was super thrilled.”

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