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Pocahontas’ protest charge dropped

The 21 year old, who portrayed Native American legend Pocahontas in 2005 movie The New World, was arrested in Washington, D.C. last year (Jun10) after she chained herself to the White House perimeter fence to protest a state visit by Peruvian President Alan Garcia, who had announced plans to sell large areas of indigenous land to oil companies and other foreign investors.

Kilcher’s father is a Peruvian Indian.

Her mother Saskia was also arrested after she poured black paint over her daughter as part of the protest. She was hit with a charge of defacing government property.

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However, prosecutors have agreed to drop the counts against mother and daughter after learning they had completed the terms of their community service.

Kilcher, who is related to singer/songwriter Jewel, starred opposite Colin Farrell in The New World.

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